Applying the EPBD to improve the Energy Performance
Requirements to Existing Buildings -


Results / Reports

The project delivers the following reports which are available here starting from 2006:

1. Guideline on the application of the CEN standards to existing buildings
2. Legal, economic and organisational issues raised by the application of EPBD to existing buildings: experience of member states and proposal to maximize the impact of the EPBD
3. Existing building stock: present knowledge on statistics of energy performance and savings and furthermore proposals to improve knowledge using certification schemes
4. Roadmap for longterm regulatory and voluntary actions adapted to existing buildings

Additionally there are workshops, newsletters, and information on the website.

Work package 1: Tools application
  Collection of analyses of CEN standards and comment sheets
(working document, final report) PDF-file, 579 KB
  Data acquisition report
(working document, final report) PDF-file, 1340 KB
  Detailed calculations
(working document, final report) PDF-file, 459 KB
  Investigation of alternatives
(working document, final report) PDF-file, 490 KB
  Final report of ENPER-EXIST work package 1 "Tools application"
(final report) PDF-file, 356 KB
Work package 2: Legal, economical and organisational impact
  Final report of ENPER-EXIST work package 2 "Legal, economical and organisational impact"
(final report) PDF-file, 486 KB
Work package 3: Building stock knowledge
  Final report of ENPER-EXIST work package 3 "Building stock knowledge"
(final report) PDF-file, 1.440 KB
  Building stock knowledge tool
(working document, final draft) EXCEL-file, 1.413 KB
Work package 4: Roadmap for energy efficiency measures / policies in the existing building sector
  Roadmap for energy efficiency measures in the existing building sector
PDF-file, 1.570 KB
  Annex to the roadmap: national situations and specific building market sectors
PDF-file, 2.301 KB
  Roadmap toolbox - download
(HTML-Toolbox with all information of WP4, final version) Zipped HTML-file, 3.122 KB.
The enclosed zip-file contains the toolbox and has to be unzipped in a single folder. In order to properly work, the file structure has to be maintained.
  Roadmap toolbox - direct start
HTML-Toolbox with all information of WP4, final version.
The toolbox can be used directly under this link without download.

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